A Workplace Wellness & Productivity Support System

Divigo™ uses continuous learning and curated solutions to support productivity, relationships, morale and service in diverse environments.

Organizations of all shapes and sizes rely on Divigo™. You can too!

Innovative Workplace Solutions

Divigo™ provides practical knowledge, strategies and tools to create psychologically safe workplaces where regardless of who they are, people experience the feeling and reality of belonging.

Get practical answers

Our advisors offer down-to-earth solutions to your diversity challenges.

Learn about diversity & inclusion

Use Divigo™ to learn new concepts, expand on what you already know, and get ideas on how to put diversity learning to work—all within the time your busy schedule allows!

Make confident decisions

Use the platform to strengthen your confidence in making decisions that are effective and informed.

HR Supports

Divigo™ offers targeted supports to grow HR practitioners’ confidence and competencies in guiding their organization to create inclusive space for all. Click here to learn more. Click here for additional supports through our sister company ROCK Diversity.

Subscription plans

Flexible for teams, companies, and managers. Divigo™ is for everyone!

On-demand diversity agents
Micro learning modules
Help center
Curated resource library
HR support tool kit
Downloadable tools & exercises
Tales from the DEI trenches podcast
Inspirational quotes & tips
Quick learning articles
Onboarding support
30 Days
60 Days
90 Days
Access to subject matter experts
2 x 15 min.
5 x 15 min.
Account manager
Data tracking (coming soon)
Custom branding
Min 5k users needed
Custom onboarding
Custom content
LMS integration
(coming soon)